Horace, Satires I.iv 22-28

                                                                  ... cum mea nemo
scripta legat, volgo recitare timentis ob hanc rem,
quod sunt quos genus hoc minime iuvat, utpote pluris
culpari dignos. quemvis media elige turba:
aut ob avaritiam aut misera ambitione laborat.
hic nuptarum insanit amoribus, hic puerorum:
hunc capit argenti splendor;


Nobody reads my writing; I'm afraid
to read aloud, because some care but little
for it, and most men are at fault. Pick one 
out in the crowd: for greed he'll toil, 
or low ambition. This one's mad for married skirt, 
that one for boys, a third for silver's gleam.


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