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One of the joys of living in another place is the local food, so I am amazed when I see other expats purchasing flabby farmed salmon; there are excellent barracuda steaks right next to them at half the price and with twice the taste.

My barracuda recipe for 2

Two barracuda steaks
Mustard (wholegrain works best)
Chives, roughly chopped
Garlic, finely chopped Salt and pepper
Gently fry the steaks (about 5 minutes each side depending on thickness) in olive oil and the garlic. Mix the yoghurt and mustard and add salt and pepper to taste. About 3 minutes before the steaks are done pour the mix over them and let it heat through. Sprinkle the chives over the top and serve on a bed of rice or with mashed potatoes and wilted spinach.
Nothing to do with fish, but Old Actress has made a lovely recording of Sappho's Hymn to Aphrodite. I have a vested interest here, as it was my suggestion she do it.


By popular request, Betjeman's Myfanwy:

Autumn Birds (2)

I have decided to make use of the technology and record myself. Here is Autumn Birds. Thanks to Audacity for the wonderful free software and Tony Northrup for the photo. If people like it I shall do it again.
and why's she wrong...