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Happy New Year from Ezra


Fricative verse, Beijing (2)

Thinking, smooth, fathom, tooth.
Other things are soothing truth

Fricative verse, Beijing

Fail, vale, effervescence
It's very far from Volga's pheasants

Progress and poverty (for HG)

The Land Tax for the nations' pain:
rent to the treasury the claim
William Hogarth
Marriage A-la Mode 2: The Tete a Tete 1745
The National Gallery, London

At the end of the day

what I'm really missing
is a little bit more of Miss Ng

Apologies to Milton

The Sisters of the sacred well be damned:
a bottle, glass, some heat and steady hand

The Assholocracy (for GKP)

A Cameron, a Trump, a Sarkozy:
unhappy world of assholocracy

Mulled wine

Add cinnamon and honey, fruit and cloves;a winter's night in Bacchanalian groves

A careless student

I didn't mean to copy!, wailed the boy
Cut n paste from Wiki? Just being coy.

Velar learning, Beijing

People, piddle, puddle or hell,there's a lot of work in that dark /l/

On seeing Miss Ng again

A honeyed voice, exquisite lips,
my perfect little fellatrix

On a crisis

Financial capital's most willing slave:
Rebekah's rider, PR's 'Call me Dave'