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A rebuttal

There was n old windbag called Shuttle
who wasn't particularly subtle.
N 'actual poet' by name
though her oeuvre was lame;
her verses were worth fully fuck all.

猴子好吃桃子 (4)

Despite it all, BG is good company and a great source of material. In a world where the majority sleepwalk, spouting vacuous sentences, he is at least original. We march down the street together at 4am, under a limpid moon, singing 社会主义好:

and even if he is thinking of National "Socialism" it does not negate the moment.

Time to say farewell to Guangzhou; I am off to Beijing in the morning. We celebrate with a barbecue. The grilled oysters are delicious; I order a dozen more.
11th Sept: Beijing: My first semi-solid shit for six days.