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The missing moolah

Carrie Gracie and the missing moolah. Well done, Ms Gracie: a storming campaign. £@300K!? And then, in a gushing flourish, she gives away the lot to charity!

The genius of the haute bourgeoisie in manufacturing cultural hegemony... That millions of workers, for whom £30 quid extra might help pay the licence fee this month, should care about this Regency farce...

Yet they do, cheer or grumble as disposed, and fail to see the payday's been ponced from their pittance.


Yesterday I was 50. To 'celebrate' I am laying my oeuvre on an unready world. You may purchase a copy here. Alternatively the ebook here.
If I know you and believe you have sufficient intellectual and amoral heft to sup my ambrosia, I may send you a copy gratis. This supposes of course that I have an address for you. If not, you can buy your own, yer skinflints.