Messaging/emailing my son (13)

Good morning, I am writing this from steamy Cebu city, the Queen of the South and the oldest city in the Philippines. I often come here for a few days break because, although it's just as hot as South China, the beaches are better and the girls are friendlier.

'The girls are friendlier'? If ur looking for love that's fine ur life I just want to say ur nearly 50 and fat soooooooooooooooooooooo good luck - u can always find a blind girl. I have a question: was I a mistake? Due to u and mum having uhhhhh a sleep after u got divorced. Mum's a bit vague. 

You were definitely not an accident (launches into long explanation). 
Anyway, here's a poem I wrote after you arrived:

The Gift

The night before you pushed and struggled out
I slept on the ground, ice and snow about
That was Art's path; I shivered coldly
My belly empty, sod and soul solely

But then you came, your hair was fine
Brightness eyes, beautiful son of mine!
I never knew before what life meant
Until you arrived and made it perfect.

OMG, Dad, that poem made you sound reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wet!


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