An awful day 2

Becky Binz-Comely was having an awful day. The news that evil rapist, John Worboys, was to be released after only 9 years, was a body-blow to all put-down, privately-educated, female Oxbridge graduates everywhere. 

She could have been in that cab! Imagine those filthy oik hands clawing at her couture! Oh! 

Of course Becky believed in rehabilitation. Of course she knew there were far too many (almost all working-class men) in prison. Of course muggers and burglars, especially black ones, were products of broken homes and an uncaring, racist society. 

But men like Worboys were the scum of the earth, and should be castrated, or at the very least locked up and the key thrown away. Only language his sort understood. 

He'd even had the cheek to plead not guilty and force a survivor to testify! No woman should ever have to prove her accusations! She should just be believed!


No longer a danger to the public? Experts on the parole board? Pah! What did they know? Crimes against women were worse than anything. Anything! 

She shook with Chaneled rage.

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