Compañera Camila

Where is Neruda now to sing of you, 
Comrade Vallejo? His would be an apt 
voice to ennoble, know your fire, as few
others could (I am not one, wrapped
in cotton wool of Art for its own sake,
without the balls to brave the Fascist cannons
as you have done). They'll kill you, Comrade, make
an icon of resistance, buy you - Mammon's
clutches of billionaires: the stooge Piñera!
(a parasite from this, or any, era),
sucking the weal, and old spiders who brood 
voraciously. The darkness of a day
elapsed, a day nourished with our sad blood,
concludes the desperate struggle of decay.


S.P. Laws said…
Always love your work Simon, "sucking the weal, and old spiders who brood voraciously." Where do you think up such combination's?
Simon M Hunter said…
Thanks SPL. I don't think of them; they come.

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