By popular request, Betjeman's Myfanwy:


MeltonM said…
That was a very good reading. Mrs M also gives it the thumbs-up.

A further suggestion is one of my favourite pieces, Tennyson's 'Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal, Now The White'. I think you could make a good job of that.
Simon M Hunter said…
My compliments to you and Mrs. M.

Tennyson, eh? It shall be done. The next three: Byzantium, Lycidas (not all of it, perhaps!), Crimson Petal.
Sonia Rumzi said…
Good reading again! That was great. Not all but some parts of Tennyson would be great.
Rarareen said…
Glorious. HI nearly dropped the coffee when he heard your deep timbre as he approached the bedroom door.
Simon M Hunter said…
Thanks, Sonia.

Sorry to cause Mr. R such consternation, but I'm sure he knows that you are pure and chased.

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