I wrote this the day after seeing 'Antichrist', about 18 months ago, and read it at the Poet's Café in Reading that night. Let us say the applause was more 'Thank God he's finished!' than 'Encore!'. I publish it now as an appropriate beginning to Holy Week.

for Lars von Trier 

The maenad cuts Her clit with scissors, pulls 
blood from His prick. Tiresias nods and laughs 
at agony in woody places, full 
of nothing new. The gynocide is crafted 
by three beggars, and Satan’s church is nature. 
Grief is a Deer, her stillbirth hanging aft. 
Pain is a Fox that gnaws its belly – state 
of chaos. Despair’s a Crow that never ends 
until the maenads climb a lonely hill to rend


Rachel Hoyt said…
Wow. This is much more intense than the limerick you wrote for my contest. (Thanks for participating!) I bet you made everyone really uncomfortable when you read it. Hehe. Powerful good stuff. :)
Bydaderisms said…
I am bedecked in rosary beads and fingering (them) frantically. Christ on the cross.
Simon M Hunter said…
Thanks, ladies. Glad I conveyed some idea of the intensity of the film, which I think is a work of genius (not a word I use lightly).
Anonymous said…
It's been a long time since I was in Catholic high school ... Holy Week indeed! Powerful images.

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