MelKelly: Another way to fight : THE POWER OF THE POUND

This post from the Guardian says it all so well that I am going to take the liberty of posting it. If Melkelly objects to this I am sure he/she will let me know:

Another way to fight : THE POWER OF THE POUND

As well as strikes, the British people can use the power of the pound. Every pound has power
Move our money from Barclays, HSBC, Santander, Tesco Bank to the Nationalised banks or the Nationwide. That will increase the health of the nationalised banks quicker, increase the share price and help reduce the deficit
Don't shop at Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Prudential, Boots and any other tax avoiding company. If boycotts worked for South Africa they can work for the British people. Remember companies like Boots and Prudential are making the deficit worse by holding board meetings abroad to avoid paying the tax they are due to pay. Boots should have paid £280 million but paid £14 million instead. Don't give Boots and Prudential our business or our money. 7 million people in Britain have savings and pensions with Prudential. If they move out then we should move out of Prudential
Shop in Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi, the Co-Op, Farmfoods - good quality low prices and they pay their British taxes - which helps cut the deficit
Don't buy the national lottery tickets.
Don't buy the Sun, the News of the World or the Times, the Telegraph or the Mail as they are the coalition mouthpieces - wormtongues - not newspapers.
Cancel your Sky subscription - why give an organisation your money when it illegally spys on royalty, politicians, celebrities, union members. If MI5 did this we would be up in arms.
Take your coalition MP to court for fraud (as every policy implemented was not in Liberal or Tory manifestos but they were on the reform website well before the election. Vince Cable wrote a paper before the election which proves the Tories and the Liberals were working together on the REFORM manifest before the election - all the policies are on the website - just not in the manifestos. These MPs are guilty of committing fraud.
Cancel every direct debit and only pay cash - and refuse to pay the charges if not paying by direct debit - why give British Gas etc. your money every month
Lift all your money on payday - don't leave it in the bank
Cash in stocks and shares ISAs - why give the stock market your money when they speculate to increase prices on food and also helped crash the banking system
Move your pension funds to a British pension provider - if there are any left
Move your mortgage to the Nationwide
Move your insurance policies
Every pound is powerful.


Umamaheswari.A said…
Well written post!

I have selected to award you and hope you pick up your award at

You deserve the best!
Simon M Hunter said…
It's very kind of you, Uma, but I feel the award should really go to MelKelly...

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