Leopold, the Abjad and Duck and Cover

I could give you a list of the cognitive associations that led me to choose these three clips, in this order, but I shan't:

with thanks to John Wells:

and from the 2nd Red Scare:


JIM said…
Very interesting.. I remember the 1st one. The third I either saw or one just like it when I was very young. The 2nd i like even though I do not understand one word. It serves to help us remember we are all innocent children, no matter what culture and what god.
The first two really shows that era,, a silly cartoon followed by a training film that scared the hell out of kids. Saw one at breakfast then go to school and see the warning. Plus what good was leaning up, under anything lol
JIM said…
Started following
Simon M Hunter said…
Thanks for the follow Jim. Glad you enjoyed it!
Rarareen said…
Your cognitive processes almost as bizarre as my own!
Simon M Hunter said…
Yes, but you knew that already... :)
Rachel Hoyt said…
The third video was interesting. I love turtles. I didn't know they were used to teach duck & cover. Kinda cute. :)

Rhyme Me a Smile

Pokey's Pals
Simon M Hunter said…
Yes, indeed. Cute.

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