Monday, 7 February 2011

Doha Days (4)

I'd like to tell you about adventures of derring-do in the souk; how I went there with an English rose; how we were set upon by a posse of qat-crazed fiends intent on infamy; how they were fought off with cold steel and stiff upper lip. However, despite sharing a birthday with Rider Haggard I can’t go that far: the rose was tired and we've put it off till tonight.

I was given a class this morning! Perhaps not the keenest students I have ever encountered, they are studying to be security guards and firemen. They knew 'stop' and 'fire', or at least most of them did by the end; they should go far.

Cooler this morning; a wind from the North made it like a Spring day back home, but the sun is out now and it’s 25C. I'm looking forward to getting home for a nap and then the evening ahead. Toodle-pip.


Rarareen said...

are you planning on plucking the rose after a heady evening in the souk?;)

Rarareen said...
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Anonymous said...


Simon M Hunter said...

No, no, do you think I pluck any wild flower I chance upon? I prefer to sniff and leave be ;)