Doha Days (3)

At once, as far as Angels ken, he views
The dismal situation waste and wild:
A dungeon horrible on all sides round

ran through my mind as I surveyed the outside of Marks and Spencer, Doha. Carrefour is OK: for me at least it’s mildly exotic, but M&S? I didn’t come to the Gulf for fucking M&S; there isn’t even a food section.

It was a quiet weekend. I spent much of Friday cleaning, unpacking and trying unsuccessfully to get my mobile to connect to the Internet via WiFi. I called the Indian who acts as our block’s general dogsbody and barked a few complaints about broken lightbulbs. I went wandering in the district looking at Turkish and Lebanese eateries. Most of the time I just slept and watched films.

I have taken the first step on the road to the Residence Permit with the blood group test, which involved a prick on the finger and a few drops squeezed onto a glass slide. Two minutes later I had a printout declaring me A negative. Next comes the full medical, which as my shoulder has improved dramatically I feel confident of passing.

A breakfast of Foul Madams this morning (well, that’s what it says on the menu), which is a dish of cooked beans. Good and spicy, but with the unfortunate after-effects one associates with beans and pulses; luckily the students are still nowhere to be seen. I plan to wander into the souk tonight and smoke a shisha. More tomorrow.


MeltonM said…
You should be OK for underpants anyway. Don't you get a car?
Simon M Hunter said…
Eventually, but I need to get the Residence Permit first.
Rarareen said…
he doesn't wear any
Simon M Hunter said…
I'll certainly run out of fresh laundry at this rate.
MeltonM said…
I think underwear is essential in any sand-rich environment. The abrasive effect of just a few grains in vital areas can be very unpleasant.
Simon M Hunter said…
That reminds me of a notice I saw in the bog of some godforsaken office I worked in once:

Badger's Arse:

Are your employees spending too long on the crapper when they should be working for you?

Try Badger's Arse! Special sand-coated toilet paper that'll have 'em out of there in no time!

Don't watch your profits go down the drain! Badger's Arse!

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