I hate to whine, but this last month, with a tendon injury, flu and an ear infection, I have had enough pain to test the tolerance of a flagellant. This culminated in a 4am march to A&E yesterday morning to demand and get massive doses of dihydrocodeine tartrate. The bliss!

In a civilised society opiates would be freely available over the counter. Not in Toryland, where even pain is regulated by the masters through the high priest-doctors; you must suffer until you are prescribed, and the holy tablet dispensed unto you.

I was supposed to have been leaving the country today en route to run a school in Russia, but pre-Christmas promises and bonhomie have given way to silence and cold feet: yet another example of the high ethical standards and integrity of EFL employers. Perhaps they ran out of money.

Still, there has been some consolation: Len McCluskey laying into spivs, media barons, bankers and Tory lickspittles on the Today programme yesterday morning. He didn't actually say Tory lickspittles, but you could tell he wanted to. Go, Len!

Another version of A las barricadas:

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Anonymous said…
I was actually wondering if you'd buggered off behind the Iron Curtain yet--evidently not. Sorry to hear of your travails and being let down by the Commie bastards...oh, wait...they're Capitalist scum now. That figures. Hope you feel better soon.

Best Wishes, Mishari
Simon M Hunter said…
Your concern is very touching, Mish - Happy New Year! As a perennial drifter on life's storm-tossed waves I am used to changing winds, which anyway seem much less biting after the codeine has kicked in.
MeltonMowbray said…
Top stuff, that dyhydrocodeine. I recommend a decent blended whisky, taken hot, to wash it down. Make sure you eat plenty of fibre if you're on it for a while.
Simon M Hunter said…
Yes, wonderful stuff. Interesting comment about the fibre: I have noticed that my stool is much paler since I started taking the codeine. Is this common?
MeltonMowbray said…
I've never noticed that: having a stool at all was my problem. Opiates, as I'm sure you know, are notoriously binding. By the time one does appear it's usually aged to a rich ebony.
Simon M Hunter said…
Antique ivory, in my case.

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