Govindashtakam: verse 7

Kantham karana makarana adhi manadhim, kala manabhasam,
Kalindi gatha kaliya sirasi muhur nruthyantham sunruthyantham,
Kalam kalamanatheetham kalithasesham kalidoshagyam,
Kala thraya gatha hethum, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

I salute that Govinda who is the extreme limit of happiness,
Who is pretty, cause of causes, primeval, without beginning and a form of time,
Who danced again and again on the head of serpent Kaliya in the river Yamuna,
Who is black in colour, ever present in time and destroys the evil effects of Kali,
And who is the cause of the march of time from the past to the future.

(translated by P.R Ramachander)


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