The Dubliners: the British Army (with thanks to Reine)

Perhaps a response to Spanish Ladies


Rarareen said…
Might I say, I sent Simon a link to the Dubliners singing "Spanish Lady" and he extrapolated. You old extrapolater, you. As a proud Irish woman, I cannot confirm or deny the sentiments in the posted song but extrapolate away, let ye... R
Simon M Hunter said…
All true m'lud.


extrapolate depilatory victim
MeltonM said…
Two of my uncles were in the Army, but showed no simian characteristics. They were both Irish.
Simon M Hunter said…
I sincerely hope they did show some simian characteristics, MM. The Infraorder Simiiformes, Parvorder Catarrhini contains the Superfamily Hominoidea: gibbons and great apes, including humans.

I would be shocked to find that your uncles belonged to Suborder Strepsirrhini or Infraorder Tarsiiformes, particularly as I was not hitherto aware that members of these orders were to be found in Ireland.
MeltonM said…
I am a creationist, Simon.

My comment here wasn't loaded, btw, Rarareen. I just happened to think of them when I listened to the song. One I only remember slightly, the other was killed on D-Day. I wrote this about him:


My uncle Harry was killed at Sword beach
in 1944. He was nineteen.
It seems he was shot before he could reach

the minimal protection of the screen
of low dunes which was their first objective.
The tide was high and the sea came in green

in the recollection of those who lived.
I'm told that Harry was tall and well-made,
clumsy, liked cricket and he talked a lot.

Though as a stevedore he was often aboard
the freighters in the Pool loading cargo,
it was the first time he'd been abroad.
The first and the last, and he lies there now.
Simon M Hunter said…
(after respectful silence) Well, if you're going to raise the tone with beautiful work like that, MM...

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