'Getting with it'

I have been advised that in order to increase the number of visitors to this site I need to use more terms that will attract them. Sex. The problem is I am not really sure what does attract people. Pussy. This post is therefore an experiment in 'getting with it' in the hope that this space too can be at the cutting edge of the blogosphere. Big dick.

Next year's royal wedding (with that ring) is in everyone's thoughts today. Especially in the USA, where at a safe remove from the idle parasites they can swoon at the charming romance of the occasion. I sincerely trust that in the spirit of the age of austerity the wedding will be held at a Hackney registry office followed by a bacon butty and cup o' char reception.

David Cameron has graciously decided that the taxpayer should no longer have to cough up for his personal photographer and film-maker.  The Tory party will instead pay to have him airbrushed.

Finally the Eurozone crisis lurches on. The same spivs who put us in the shit now want to screw us even more so they can stay rich while our elected 'representatives', in the usurers' pockets almost to a (wo)man, just bend over and beg for it with a "Take us up the arse again, big boy."

Stalin, Stalin, where are you now? If ever your iron hand was needed... Tell the bond holders to go fuck 'emselves and confiscate every penny.

Am I getting the hang of this vox pop?

© Simon M Hunter 2010


Anonymous said…
I have designed a pair of jeans to make life a lot easier, Pop open butt flap.. As you BENDOVER the flap pops open....Saves all that TUGGING in public... A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a whore..
Simon M Hunter said…
Sounds like a marvellous invention, which I trust you have patented.
m-c said…
very interesting theory.... (don't think it would quite work with my own site! ;-) and what is your conclusion?
I have a strong desire to mention that I did not get here by searching any of the above labels! ;-)
MeltonMowbray said…
You've got my interest.
Simon M Hunter said…
I have no conclusions, or solutions: they tend to be too final for me. I rant because it makes me grin inane.

Lovely dance site, however you got here :)

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