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Although readers of impeccable taste may justifiably feel that this blog offers all they need there are others out there. This is a brief glance at some of the things that have caught my eye recently.

The hugely talented AZ Foreman reads and translates poetry from almost every language under the sun, up to and for all I know including demotic Ket, and is always worth a look. Still with poetry the people over at Politely Homicidal are always entertaining and often brilliant; the webmeister, Mish, is an amazing resource for all things art-related.

John Wells's phonetic blog I have mentioned before and will no doubt do so again. For anyone interested in the sounds of language (and what poet isn't?) a basic knowledge of phonetics is a sine qua non. John deals with queries from all over the world with clarity and firmly-held conviction; you may not always agree with him, but he'll always make you think.

Megan Hesse at Sugary Cynicism often makes me laugh with her scathing reviews of crap films while Glen Gordon at Paleoglot is a fascinating blogger on historical linguistics. Jan Freeman at Throw Grammar from the Train is the perfect antidote to nitpickers and pedants everywhere and for those who can read Italian and like a scatological chuckle, Dannato Umorismo (for over 18s only) is great.

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SugaryCynic said…
Thanks for the link love! :D and a bunch of new blogs for me to check out
Simon M Hunter said…
Welcome, dear :) Keep up the good work!
A.Z. Foreman said…
Driveby note: I do not in fact know Ket, and have no plans to learn it- as I'm not aware of it having a thriving literary tradition.
Dr Samuels said…
Fellow followers of Mr Hunter may enjoy the newly-discovered work of S.W at
Simon M Hunter said…
Thanks for clearing that up, AZ. Perhaps you fear being flooded with requests to translate the famous 'Frozen Mammoth' poem: "Oh where, oh where are those tusks in the tundra?"

Dr Samuels. Indeed! I am sorry for missing you out; definitely worth a look.

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