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The always interesting (although because he lives in China sparodically online) LC has brought my attention to this article.

I am, generally speaking, a friend to the aims and principles of the CP, wherever it is constituted, and have always sympathised with the party's critique of bourgeois 'press freedom' as little more than a licence for millionaires to own media that propagate their interests and sell their friends' products.

Technology has changed this model; it has changed the party's control of information too. The party must not resort to rabid nationalism allied with secrecy: these are a betrayal of socialism. Openness, comrades! We have a wonderful song; should we fear that any will drown it out? Should we lose it to the brassy cacophonies of fascism? Not as long as the yearning for beauty remains in human hearts.

Coming down quickly from the windy heights of overblown rhetoric this article, via the ever reliable 3 Quarks Daily, is also worth a look, perhaps in connection with the poem of 23.9.10. I shall return to the problem of Stalin in a future rhyme.


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