A letter to a multinational

Dear Multinational,

The terms that (your representative) and I agreed were that I would invoice you at the end of each month for educational services and that the money would be paid into my account via BACS.

At no time was it mentioned that I would have to wait another month and then be paid by cheque (in violation of our agreement). If your terms of payment are 30 days after invoice then that should have been made clear to me and I would have refused the assignment.

I must say I think it is very cheeky. I would love to go into Waitrose, choose the finest wines and tell them to invoice me at the end of the month, with payment at the end of the month following. Life is not like that for little people, and the cavalier attitude shown by large companies towards their small suppliers is sickening, frankly.

I must have respect for any organisation that I work with; I therefore cannot continue to offer my services to your company.

most sincerely,



Hesiodos said…
Very nice to have the option of refusing. I hope they got the message.
Simon M Hunter said…
I think they did! Strangely enough my last invoice was paid after 10 days...

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