Diary of a Loony (5) (1986) With the shrink

After the unfortunate incident at school with the naked little boys in the shower, I was sent to be examined. I'm not sure if the hairy Scottish ape, my mother's boyfriend, had been kicked out by then, but it was about that time. Perhaps it was the joy at seeing him go that made me break bounds; I don't remember.

My mother and I were summoned to appear once a month at the shrink's office, where we were gently quizzed on the circumstances that may have led to this dripping denouement. 
“Are you used to seeing naked men about the house?” I was asked. 
“Well, yes! The hairy Scottish ape, my mother's fuck, loves to strut about naked on his way to and from the bath, flashing his tool for all to see.”
I didn't say this.

“How do you feel about having a son who is so much more intelligent than you?”
My mother raged about this for days: dimwits always do.

On the third appointment, my mother and I set off as usual, walking together. Ten minutes in she stopped and refused to go on.
“But, mum!” I said, amazed (I was only 17). “We need to be together!” 
“I can't be doing with this. It's your problem. You go. I'm going home.”

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