Tuesday, 1 November 2011

猴子好吃桃子 (4)

Despite it all, BG is good company and a great source of material. In a world where the majority sleepwalk, spouting vacuous sentences, he is at least original. We march down the street together at 4am, under a limpid moon, singing 社会主义好:

and even if he is thinking of National "Socialism" it does not negate the moment.

Time to say farewell to Guangzhou; I am off to Beijing in the morning. We celebrate with a barbecue. The grilled oysters are delicious; I order a dozen more.

11th Sept: Beijing: My first semi-solid shit for six days.


Scatologistaker said...

That's a good long while to be on the throne.
Did you work up to this endurance achievement gradually or was it an all or nothing shit?
And did you suffer piles?
Thankyou for sharing-- Regards

Simon M Hunter said...

I should make it clear that I was not on the throne for six days on the trot(s); there was the odd break.
No piles, I'm pleased to report, but if any should occur I shall be sure to let you know.