Sunday, 30 October 2011

猴子好吃桃子 (3)

"You know, I'm going to visit Pommieland soon"
"Yeah, you know Pipi. Well, his wife has shacked up with a Jewboy in London, so I've agreed to go there and kill him."

BG is ex-army, Afghanistan veteran, and can hit the eye of a kangaroo from a mile.

"You'll visit England to bump off Pipi's wife's lover?"
"Yeah, then I'll go and stand outside Buckingham Palace and try to see Her Majesty." A tear wells up in BG's eye. "I swore an oath to that woman and by God I meant it."

Getting the resin that led to this outpouring of sentiment was not as easy as I had imagined. There has been a crackdown on black faces in Guangzhou, and where once the area around the Garden Hotel was a heaven of Nigerian narcotics, there is now a wilderness of cheap trinkets and overpriced bars. In the end we stumbled across a Syrian, who obligingly provided us with the necessaries at a very reasonable price.

BG takes off all his clothes. He was wont to do this occasionally when we lived together, and it was always clear that he hoped to tempt me. Alas, my taste does not encompass homicidal Nazi dwarves.

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